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Skinful of Inc.

by The Layers

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Bratislava 03:32
It's a long, strange road filled with signs that I don't recognise we bear such a heavy load hiding pain beneath a mask of smiles the road slides away below as the satellite counts off the miles it’s almost time to say goodbye But what we've made will not break easily what we can't say out loud is in our hearts what we've made; glimpsed in between the spaces in the laughter Making room, there's always space for one more at our table someone to keep time; to bear this heavy load of laughter shared you're not alone, at home we're reaching out across the miles to you it’s almost time to say hello again hello again Because what we've made...
Trembling, terrible, hidden Beneath years of vapid acquisition And knee-jerk hatred springs unbidden To the idle, heavy tongue You are bereft of hope, Your useless mission The soul’s excision From the world you sell to the young And I am angry, burning - hostile rage At the twisted, gilded mess you’ve made Of the addled, groping, dullards – aimless Spectres of their youth is fading But the lines of hate carved on their faces cannot displace the Words inside my head; they cannot be erased Fuck your reputation I will bring you down Damn your temples I will burn them to the ground Stand against me And I will tear you down I will tear you down I swear I will tear you down.
My Father 04:15
Strong hands, broken nails, the smell of oil Lifting me and feeding me, teaching me to read, to be Everything I am Your shoes worn by walking paths that were never mine Your voice raised in songs I cannot share any more I do not have to reconcile to declare my love Understanding, explanation – the faith of a child Your words were wisdom, still echoing... echoing. Your shoes worn by walking paths that were never mine Your voice raised in jokes I cannot share any more The lines on your face – a path that I must one day tread But I will feel no fear, You’ve gone and will go with me But for you, the songs in me would never be I do not have to reconcile to declare my love.
Sapphire 03:26
Cold ashes, dry bones, hot news, falling thrones, carrion-feeding vultures keep on selling cheap loans... High profits, low wage, frozen assets, burning rage, singing from the same page, praying for a golden age, high office patronage or hard cash to get you laid with camera flash glamour babes – gagging for the front page Spin the dial – every song is just the same We are hypnotised – all compelled to play the game Oh, and watch them cheat – silence is your only chance You’re already beat – if all you want to do is dance Ghost on the TV screen: Fifteen minutes - has beens; rolling news horror show shaping up another body blow It’s a picture perfect goose chase, selling you a perfect face a rich-man’s rat-race keeping you in last place, white collar wolf-pack preying off the beaten back, on-target, off-track, buying souls and selling crack
Forgotten dreams… lost poetry, pinwheel through the corner of my mind as I sit, alone in contemplation. Unspoken words to lost love: A magic lantern show in desolation Raging at blind Fortune for snatching future seconds but lost and impotent without you here. Unstoppable, unmerciful - time’s river thunders on. Awake, to drown in loneliness and fear. Not the purest of their priests not the wisest of their teachers could ever hope to bring you back to me but not the darkest thief of night time could steal the love we shared could steal away our past from memory.
Wasted 05:59
Cast around for heaven's scent, spurn the chances to repent gag the voices of dissent with every dollar that you spent with what you stole you have no recourse or excuse for the power that you've abused; science might beguile and words confuse but now you know you can’t elude the rising tides Treat the future as a game, win the prize and shift the blame; but if gold is all you crave, ignore the wisdom of the age Too late to save Filling up the void inside Selling short and buying time Buying up a place to hide The evidence of all your crimes We are not blind mercury climbing shadows rising tides growing higher, I see you clinging to your raft of lies: you hide your eyes but you still deny the sight of Gaia as she cries Another wasted day, see you fading away it's just a game you play as you throw it all away
Whiskey 04:49
She has defiled the sanctity of your solemn refuge With lurid splashes of bubbling laughter Dragged reluctant smiles from you like shrapnel from ancient, hard-fought wounds This heart, so alone for so long - Set me free This heart so cold for so long - Burns for thee Beneath the armour of your dented pride Your practiced hostility, your endless quick asides She has found seams of beauty buried deep within Beneath the strata of your conquered fears
Untouched 04:00
As they lay – tangled, naked in bed She sold him the dreams in his head. Baptised in the touch of her sweat As it rolled down his skin. Then the music that played in his head Fell silent. He wished he was dead – For the silence was filled with the nightmares Her dreams kept at bay If I touch you then maybe I’ll hear the songs that will banish the fear And the light will shine down on a road I can travel once more. As I ride, late at night in a dream, Through the helmet I hear the tyres scream. Each bend ushers me closer To a darkness I no longer fear
Eriphany 04:50
She's drawing smiling flowers in condensation tears Tapping fingers as the rain drums on the window Waiting for the sunshine To come breaking through the clouds and touch a lonely, desperate soul in need Her heart is breaking For every hand that's held out For every child crying out in pain She sees what passes unseen She feels. . . She won't go quietly... He wears cigar smoke like a favourite shirt, sitting in the corner of a bar. Watching rays of sunshine flashing amber in the whisky that he hopes will dull the aching in his heart. His heart is broken From too many battles lost but tomorrow he will rise and fight again He sees what no one wants to see He feels... He won't go quietly
Surf Trip 05:09
Sparkling, silvered moonlight shadows kiss; Shifting gold beneath your feet. Exhalations rumbling on the breeze – In the distance the dragon sleeps Hard days, you can come crashing down – chairman of the board Your blue world turned around - paddle out for more This is where I want to be – warm days and smiling friends Life can be a beach. May this summer never end. Stumbling footsteps, laughing eyes, Trust the strength in a new found friend To carry your love up on high Safe in this circle without end. Hard days...


released January 7, 2013

Caleb Evans - electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Neil Adams - vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Paul Deacon - bass guitars and vocals
Rupert Russell - drums, percussion and vocals
Sarah Ramage - piano, keyboards and vocals
Also featuring Andy Butler on keyboards and Harry McDonald on guitar
Recorded and produced by Andy Butler at DB studios, Stroud with The Layers
All songs(c) The Layers


all rights reserved



The Layers Bristol, UK

Who are The Layers? Five humans who would, were it not for a simple lack of balaclavas, probably be robbing a Post Office near you. Instead, their maladjusted energies were channelled into music…

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